Man O War Shoal Marine Park

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Describe how the nominated site involves stakeholders and local communities in designation and management, and specify specific coordination measures or mechanisms currently in place

Stakeholders involvement Involvement Description of involvement Specific coordination measures Comments (if any)
Institutions yes Unclear on what "institutions" are.
Public yes Regular public presentations and events. Press releases, TV programs and Radio shows. Encouraging awareness, building understanding, fundraising. Staff are also very active with social media with 1800 Facebook friends for Nature Foundation St Maarten.
Decision-makers yes Staff work with a host of decision makers. Mostly ad hoc meetings, more frequently with some than others. tours also given to ministers and other groups. Dependent on the stakeholder. Department of maritime affairs; MPA, Ballast testing, Project Advice, Commercial activity in the lagoon. Building and zoning department; Infractions Public works; Equipment use Environmental service; MPO, Environmental standards, Service Level Agreements. Legal department; Pending legislation Prosecutors office; Reporting crimes Harbour office; Moorings, shipping, MPA map Coast Guard; CITES, Fisheries, boating issues, nets Agriculture department (Govt); CITESand animal control Tourism department (Govt); Funding, joint projects Schools; Environmental education and contributions of the Nature Foundation. Police; Infractions, fishing licence for lion fish
Economic-sectors yes Ad hoc meetings with some, structured meetings with dive operators and the SHTA (tourism association) Tourism association SHTA: MPA in general Dive Operators; Moorings and fees Hoteliers; Hospitality and trade
Local communities yes Work with fishermen and schools, local youth groups. Includes meetings, presentations, tours of the marine park. Fisherfolk; MPA Map / zoning/fishing areas
Others yes Many different NGO's for advice, networking and management of the MPA. Tours for airport personnel, religious groups and trade associations. WIDECAST; Turtles CaMPAM; MPA research Coral List; Various DCNA; Networking The Nature Conservancy (TNC); Sustainability Reefcheck; Data exchange NACRI; Reefs SPAW; MPA work