Man O War Shoal Marine Park

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a - Legal and policy framework (attach in Annex a copy of original texts, and indicate, if possible, the IUCN status)

National status of your protected area:

The Man O War Shoal Marine Park is legally protected through a Ministerial Decree signed on 17th December 2010 (Attachment 9). 

St Maarten, under the Netherlands Antilles was party to;

The CITES convention

Cartegena Convention

Inter American Convention For The Protection

And Conservation Of Sea Turtles

Convention On Biological Diversity (“Cbd”)

Convention On The Conservation Of Migratory

Species Of Wild Animals (“Bonn Convention” Or “Cms”)

Ramsar Convention On Wetlands (Ramsar)

International Convention For The Prevention Of Pollution From Ships


The international treaties signed by the central Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands also bound the Netherlands Antilles, and local governments were, and still are under the obligation to implement provisions of the international treaties.  Although there is not usually any formal enforcement at the local level, continuous or serious breaches of obligations under the international agreement may result in exclusion from the convention, which may result in certain economical and political pressures on the non-compliant member state.  The Netherlands Antilles is Party to a number of treaties, and are home to many sites and species protected under the Conventions.

IUCN status (please tick the appropriate column if you know the IUCN category of your PA):


b - Management structure, authority

St. Maarten Nature Foundation has a service level agreement to be the management and scientific authority for marine and terrestrial ecosystems in St. Maarten. Subsequently, St. Maarten Nature Foundation has the contract with the government for the management of the Man O War Shoal Marine Park.

c - Functional management body (with the authority and means to implement the framework)

Description of the management authority

St. Maarten Nature Foundation is authorized “to make and execute all decisions pertaining to the management of the marine and terrestrial ecosystems, species management and specifically introduced species”. This includes the management of the Man O War Shoal Marine Park (see above).

The St. Maarten Nature Foundation is a non-profit organisation that was established to enhance St. Maarten’s natural environment through effective management, education, awareness and protection of natural resources.

The St. Maarten Nature Foundation’s vision is a thriving actively managed and sustainably used marine environment around St. Maarten, which it aims to fulfill through the following mission: “to manage, conserve and restore St. Maarten’s marine ecological, cultural and historical resources for education, ecological functionality and sustainable use with continued stakeholder participation, for the benefit of current and future generations”.

Means to implement the framework

Nature Foundation St. Maarten is the body charged with the management of the Man of War Shoal Marine Park. It is a foundation registered locally on St. Maarten and governed by a volunteer Board of seven local people.who oversee the Nature Foundation St. Maarten activities and direct overall policy and strategy. Elected Board members have additional responsibilities in accordance with respective positions. Board meetings are called monthly, with minutes being circulated to the board. Meetings between the Nature Foundation St. Maarten manager, Tadzio Bervoets and board representatives take place as necessary. The day to day management of the Foundation is carried out by the manager and two further full time staff members along with part time consultants and volunteers.


d - Objectives (clarify whether prioritized or of equal importance)

Objective Top priority Comment
Facilitate the use of St. Maarten’s marine environment for: a) tourism, yachting and diving; b) education and c) research, monitoring and training. No
Manage St. Maarten’s Man of War Shoal Marine Park as a regionally and globally significant protected area, within an effective legislative framework and with commitment from stakeholders. No
Ensure the promotion of the marine environment as a traditionally and contemporarily valuable, sustainable, multiple use resource whilst establishing rules, guidelines, permits and enforcing legislation No
Ensure the involvement of the local community and stakeholders, to cultivate a sense of ownership and continuing support for the zoning, regulations and management practices of Man of War Shoal Marine Park No
ALSO: (interface will not allow this one to be entered) Conserve and restore, through practical conservation and active management; a) the natural values of the marine park, including threatened, rare and endangered species, habitats, water quality, biological diversity, ecosystem processes and aesthetic values and b) the cultural and historical marine resources of St. Maarten

e - Brief description of management plan (attach in Annex a copy of the plan)

The first management plan for the "St Maarten Marine Park" was written in 2007, this is available in Atachment 11. With the signing of the ministeerial decree in 2010 for the Man O War Shoal Marine Park, the existing management plan became outdated. There is a current initiative to establish a new plan for the MPA as soon as practically possible. 


Management plan - date of publication

: 7/1/07

Management plan duration

: 5

Date of Review planned

: 9/9/14