Parque Nacional Sierra de Bahoruco (PNSdB)

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Describe how the nominated site involves stakeholders and local communities in designation and management, and specify specific coordination measures or mechanisms currently in place

Stakeholders involvement Involvement Description of involvement Specific coordination measures Comments (if any)
Institutions yes Grupo Jaragua, Fundación para el Desarrollo Comunitario Integral de Pedernales (FUNDACIPE), Sociedad Ornitológica de La Española (SOH), Instituto Nacional de Recursos Hidráulicos (INDRHI), Ministerio de Turismo (MITUR)
Public no
Decision-makers no
Economic-sectors no
Local communities yes Asociación de Guías de la Naturaleza de Pedernales (AGUINAPE), Clúster de Turismo Sostenible de Pedernales
Others yes Involucramiento de la comunidad científica: Vermont Center for Ecostudies, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Harvard University (Museum of Comparative Zoology), Jardín Botánico Nacional, Jardín Botánico de Nueva York.