Tobago Cays Marine Park

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In general, describe how the nominated site addresses monitoring and evaluation

The TCM Management Plan contains a list of indicators to be monitored. These include biophysical indicators (water quality), species-specific actions (turtles) as well a community engagement, staff performance and management effectiveness indicators.

Last year the TCMP developed a Strategic Plan, which set out a clear program of monitoring and evaluation to reinforce and expand the targets identified in the Management Plan. The five priority areas are:

·         Visitor security

·         Human resources management

·         Status or condition of natural resources

·         Community relations


·         Sustainable financing strategies

What indicators are used to evaluate management effectiveness and conservation success, and the impact of the management plan on the local communities

Indicators by category Comments
Evaluation of management effectiveness
Monitor numbers of staff employed and their performance against their job descriptions
Monitor financial information
Monitor time spent by each staff on different activities e.g. for patrolling, community liaison, administration etc
Monitor enforcement coverage
Monitor estimated numbers of rule infringements; e.g. numbers of bookings (or tickets issued) for offences; and numbers of successful and unsuccessful prosecutions
Evaluation of conservation measures on the status of species populations within and around protected area
Monitor impacts of human use e.g. numbers of yachts, divers and other users; levels of poaching; damage to corals by careless divers
Monitor using Reef Check system for key species within park
Monitor number of turtles observed in the park
Survey birds, reptiles, vegetation on each island every 3-5 years
Evaluation of conservation measures on the status of habitats within and around the protected area
Monitor coral reef abundance, quality and diversity
Evaluation of conservation measures on the status of ecological processes within and around the protected area
Monitor levels of pollution or climate change e.g. using weather data recorded at Union Airport - rainfall, wind, air temperature
Rangers to monitor dumping of garbage inside the park
Collaborate with Fisheries Division to monitor water quality
Evaluation of the impact of the management plan on the local communities
Monitor number of events held for the public, commercial operators resource users etc.
Monitor level of understanding of human impacts on marine resources
Monitor incomes or wealth ranks of different stakeholder groups, giving due sensitivity and confidentiality to the data, and using methods acceptable and relevant to community members
Monitor number of visitors, numbers of yacht and cruise liner visits etc
Monitor visitors’ satisfaction of resource status and tourism services using anonymous questionnaires