Tobago Cays Marine Park

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h - Information and knowledge

Information and knowledge available

In general there is a lack of good, reliable and up-to-date data on the TCMP. There have been a number of studies of the TCMP, although these have been sporadic and ad hoc. There is no central data repository and few internal funds or programs for data collection. There is currently a turtle monitoring program, but like most of the data collection, it is reliant on external expertise and funding. Much of the data available has been generated from one-off surveys, which makes it difficult to track trends over time.


List of the main publications

Title Author Year Editor / review
Tobago Cays Marine Park 2007-2009 Management Plan Dr Daniel Hoggarth 2007 TCMP and OECS
A geospatial framework to support ecosystem based management and marine spatial planning for the transboundary grenadine islands Kimberly Baldwin, Robin Mahon 2011 CHC Indies
Tobago cays marine biodiversity conservation project - Summary report James Comley 2002 Coral Cay Conservation
OPAAL Project - Opportunities for Sustainable Livelihoods Report Peter Espeut 2006 OECS
OPAAL Project - Tobago cays site report Ecoengineering Caribbean Limited 2007 OECS
A rapid assessment of Horseshoe Reef Deschamps, Desrochers, Klomp 2003 Atoll Research Bulletin
St. Vincent and the Grenadines ReefFix Exercise D Gill 2010 OECS
Tobago Cays Marine Park: Are the conditions for successful co-management likely to be met? Bertha Simmons, Patrick Mcconney 2006 CERMES
Strategic Plan For Tobago Cays Marine Park, 2013-2015 Emma Doyle 2012 TCMP and CERMES
Sea Turtle Surveys in the Tobago Cays Marine Park Doyle and Harvey 2011 WIDECAST
TCMP Zoning Map TCMP 2010 TCMP
TCMP Basic Map TCMP 2006 TCMP
Wildlife Act 1987 Government of SVG 1987 Government
Sea Turtle Surveys in the Tobago Cays Marine Park TCMP 2012 TCMP

Briefly indicate in the chart if any regular monitoring is performed and for what groups/species

Species / group monitored
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Frequency of monitoring
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Turtles Annual A two week program which captures and tags turtles, and records statistics about the animal and if it has previously been captured. This program is a partnership with Barbados Sea Turtle Project and experts from The Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Network