Molinière - Beauséjour MPA

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a - Legal and policy framework (attach in Annex a copy of original texts, and indicate, if possible, the IUCN status)

National status of your protected area:

The MPA is legally gazetted and enshrined in the Laws of Grenada

IUCN status (please tick the appropriate column if you know the IUCN category of your PA):


b - Management structure, authority

 The Fisheries Division is the agency with responsibility for MPA; however, MPAs are managed through a series of arrangement with various committee and boards.

c - Functional management body (with the authority and means to implement the framework)

Description of the management authority

There are three levels of management within the Grenada System of MPAs. The highest level of management is that of the National MPA Committee which comprises respresenatives from primary stakeholder groups and all relevent governmental ministries. The National MPA Committee is resonsible for establishing the greneral policies for all MPAs within Grenada. The second level of management is the MPA board. Each MPA has its own board of directors which includes representative of key stakeholder groups that operate within that MPA and relevent Government Departments/Ministries. Representatives from the stakeholder groups dominate the voting pool. The board of directors are responsible for establishing the goal and objectives of the MPA. The lowest level of management is the management committee which includes the MPA manager and senior MPA staff that are responsible for implementing management directives set forward from the MPA board on the ground in the MPA.

Means to implement the framework

The MPA receives a government subvention that is utilized to cover all recurring cost (i.e. fuel, maintenance, wages and infrastructure) and grant funds are used to implement project (e.g. livelihood, education and training).

d - Objectives (clarify whether prioritized or of equal importance)

Objective Top priority Comment
Preservation of species and genetic diversity Yes
Maintenance of environmental services Yes
Sustainable use of resources from natural ecosystems Yes
 Wilderness protection No Secondary Importance
Maintenance of cultural and traditional attributes No Secondary Importance

e - Brief description of management plan (attach in Annex a copy of the plan)

The MPA management plan is divided into two section the first section provides an overview of the ecological and physical characteristic on the MPA along with the status of marine and terrestiral resources. The second section outlines strategies that should be implemented in order to effectively and effeciently achieve the expressed goals and objectives of the MPA.

Management plan - date of publication

: 1/8/10

Management plan duration

: 5

Date of Review planned

: 1/8/15