Molinière - Beauséjour MPA

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Information and knowledge available

The area that is now part of the Moliniere Beausejour Marine Protected Area has historically been well known for its healthy reefs and high biodiversity anecdotally. Historically, there was limited local capacity to emprically document the resources that existed within the area; therefore, what is documented about the area was done primarilly by visiting researchers and consultant. However, since the establishment on the area as a MPA, there has been a move to collect emprical data on the resources within the MPA. That is, what is within the MPA?; how much of it is there? and what is the status of the resoures?. This is intended to provided a sound scientific basis for the adaptive management process of the MPA.

List of the main publications

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Coral Reef Monitoring annually since 2011 There has been monitoring of key fish, coral and invertebrate indicator species of general coral health utilizing the internationally recognized Reef Check Coral Reef Monitoring methodology. Survey are conducted by a trained team of surveyors during a week of monitoring annually.
Coral Reef Monitoring Annually The general reef surveys which includes abundance and biomass of fish and recruitment and live coral cover of coral is conducted uses a modified Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment (AGRRA) methodology at sites within and outside the MPA .