Molinière - Beauséjour MPA

Note: The data were entered in the language of the country of origin (English, French or Spanish) and there is no translation available yet.


d - Human population and current activities

Inhabitants inside the area or in the zone of potential direct impact on the protected area:

Inside the area In the zone of potential direct impact
Permanent Seasonal Permanent Seasonal
Inhabitants 1577 not given 1763 not given

Comments about the previous table:

The numbers inside the MPA are the total number of resident from within the communities of Beausehour, Moliniere & Happy Hill. The numbers for the potential direct impact zone are the residents of Grand Mall, Mt. Moritz & Brizan. The numbers were taken from the 2010 national census for Grenada.

Description of population, current human uses and development:


The settlements bordering the MPA are Molinière, Beauséjour and Happy Hill the largest one. Grand Mal and Mt. Moritz are also important settlements. Housing is mostly sparsely scattered along the main and secondary roads and there are no clear boundaries between settlements. 

Activities Current human uses Possible development Description / comments, if any
Tourism very important stable
Fishing limited decrease
Agriculture limited stable
Industry unknown unknown
Forestry limited stable
Others not specified not specified

e - Other relevant features