Molinière - Beauséjour MPA

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a - General features of the site

Terrestrial surface under sovereignty, excluding wetlands:

0 sq. km

Wetland surface:

0 ha

Marine surface:

0 sq. km

b - Physical features

Brief description of the main physical characteristics in the area:

The Molinière-Beauséjour MPA coastline may be described as rocky shores and cliffs intermixed with natural sandy beaches in each of the four (4) bays within the MPA. There are white sand beaches in Flamingo Bay, Dragon Bay and at the southern end of Molinière Point and a black sand beach in Beauséjour B ay. The coastal land that form the landward boundaries of the MPA are dominated by littoral woodlands and cactus scrubs.



The MPA coastline is dominated by rocky shores, cliffs and whiteand black sand beaches.



The MBMPA is on the west coast of the island where there is a narrow continental shelf and deep water is found close to the shore in comparison to the south and east coasts which possess an extensive shelf. Depths recorded in the MPA range from 15 feet (4.5 m) in the southern part of the reef to 85 feet (26 m) at the outer edge of the reef in Flamingo Bay. 

Underwater formations:

Coral Reefs with spur and groove formations are the major underwater features within the MPA.