Molinière - Beauséjour MPA

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Present briefly the proposed area and its principal characteristics, and specify the objectives that motivated its creation :


The Molinière Reef was identified as a priority for the establishment of a “protected seascape” as the site was considered to hold the finest reefs in Grenada. The site was given priority for the protection of representative samples of Grenada ecosystems, namely large areas of coral reef, littoral woodland, and cactus scrub, and medium to small area of seagrass bed. The MPA aslo includes some of the best reefs on Grenada that are home to a wide diversity of life forms .

The management objectives for the protectionof the areas are to protect and maintain the Molinière Bay ecosystem and its outstanding natural features and to provide opportunities for recreation, interpretation, research, environmental education and protection of over-exploited fish, lobster, and coral. 

Explain why the proposed area should be proposed for inclusion in the SPAW list

The Moliniere Beausejour MPA (MBMPA) is one of the three legally established MPAs within Grenada Network of Marine Protected Areas (GMPA). The MBMPA contains habitats and ecosystems (i.e. Mangroves, seagrass beds and coral reefs) that are critical to the survival and recovery of endangerd and threatened species such as sea turtles (i.e. C. mydas, E. Imbricata & D. Coriacea), invertebrates (e.g. S. gigas), corals and migratory birsd. The protection of this area contributes to the conservation of the species of flora and fauna present in it, either as permanent residents, or during some life cycle stages, with the objective of preserving them as functioning members of their ecological communities, and preventing them from becoming threatened or endangered.   

The protection of the MBMPA is intended to helps conserve, maintain or restore natural processes that contribute to increasing the abundance of marine resources and ecosystems. The health of this resources would consequently provide a base for the tourism sector and harvestable stocks available for fishers and finsing communities to sustainable utilize.

According to you, to which Criteria it conforms (Guidelines and Criteria B Paragraph 2)

Conservation value
Critical habitats

Cultural and socio-economic criterias

Cultural and traditional use
Socio-economic benefits