Quill / Boven National Park

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Describe the mechanisms and programmes that are in place in regard to each of the following management tools in the nominated site (fill only the fields that are relevant for your site)

Management tools Existing Mechanisms and programmes in place Comments (if any)
Public awareness, education, and information dissemination programmes yes School nature and environment curriculum: staff visit each of the four primary schools to give one lesson each month to each school class (aged 4-12) about nature and environment. · A quarterly newsletter about current activities is distributed electronically and in print form locally · A monthly radio programme is organized the first Thursday of each month to discuss current activities or research · The website is updated regularly www.statiapark.org · An annual meeting is held for the public about the organisation activities · About 3-5 public presentations are given each year about research topics
Capacity building of staff and management no
Research, data storage, and analysis no
Surveillance and enforcement yes Five staff of the National Parks organisation were empowered as special agents of police in 2006. Two staff are remaining, and new staff are on the waiting list for the police course. The two existing special agents of police on staff are able to issue warnings and process verbal for violations. The maximum penalty for damage to fauna, flora or landscape of the National Park is Naf 5,000 (US$2,809). This is low however there have been no violations in the National Park and therefore it is considered sufficient for effective enforcement.
Participation of exterior users no
Alternative and sustainable livelihoods no
Adaptative management no