Quill / Boven National Park

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c - Biological features


Brief description of dominant and particular habitats (marine and terrestrial)*: List here the habitats and ecosystems that are representative and/or of importance for the WCR (i.e. mangroves, coral reefs, etc):

The Quill / Boven National Park does not contain any marine habitats. Almost all the types of terrestrial habitats that are found on St. Eustatius can be found in either the Quill or Boven sub sectors. A range of geological features has created different soil conditions for plants. Additionally, varying altitude and wind exposure provide conditions for a variety of plant communities to exist. Within the terrestrial and surrounding marine habitats of St Eustatius, 19 IUCN Red List species, 10 CITES Appendix 1 species and 98 Appendix 2 species of flora and fauna live, feed and breed. There are many other species that make this island their home and contribute to the ecology of St. Eustatius.

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