Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

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(Guidelines and Criteria Section B / Cultural and Socio-Economic Criteria) Nominated Areas must conform, where applicable, to at least one of the three Cultural and Socio-Economic Criteria. If applicable, describe how the nominated site satisfies one or more of the following three Criteria (Attach in Annex any specific and relevant documents in support of these criteria).


In 1978 the State legislature passed the Florida Coastal Management Act. NOAA's Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management approved the state’s program in 1981, and has provided management grants of approximately $2 million per year in accordance with Section 306 of the Federal Coastal Zone Management Act. Federal approval of the state’s program also mandated that Federal activities within and seaward of the coastal zone had to be consistent, to the maximum extent possible, with the policies of approved State coastal management programs. The Florida Coastal Management Plan is structured as a network of State agencies that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of implementing existing laws and programs in the coastal zone.

Socio-economic benefits:

The linkages between the economic health of the human communities of the Florida Keys to that of the ecosystem’s health is an essential aspect of why the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary exists. As a result, each habitat within the ecosystem has an essential link to nearly all aspects of the social and economic health of the Florida Keys.