Bonaire National Marine Park

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Describe the mechanisms and programmes that are in place in regard to each of the following management tools in the nominated site (fill only the fields that are relevant for your site)

Management tools Existing Mechanisms and programmes in place Comments (if any)
Public awareness, education, and information dissemination programmes yes Information: The STINAPA website is active and updated every week for 2 hours with new reports and downloads being added. Other work carried out by STINAPA relating to information included: • Five radio broadcasts a day on 3 different radio stations covering a variety of topics. • Six television programmes for event publicity • 50 press releases including some foreign press work • Video production for the WNF Education A number of education programmes were operated in 2009 involving approximately 470 individuals over around 44 events and programmes. The main activities were; • Reef ranger training programme for dive staff and operators, with 13 participants • Reef resilience workshop for marine park managers for 34 participants • Tortuga di Bonairu (snorkelling for 9-12 year olds), 30 lessons with materials and curriculum • Swimming for the youth; 12 lessons with materials and curriculum
Capacity building of staff and management no
Research, data storage, and analysis no
Surveillance and enforcement no
Participation of exterior users yes Outreach The National Parks 40 year anniversary events were spread over the year from 15th March to the 18th December. This celebration involved 26 days of activities from tree planting to scientific workshops. In excess of 1500 people were involved with the various activities. A total of 200 people took part in the tree planting event that took up 80 hours of the Directors time. The director also spent 80 hours addressing Jong Bonaire with the STINAPA presentation. Other activities that took place in 2009 included Children’s painting events, Bird watching, Cave activities and beach clean ups. Presentations were given to different groups about Lionfish awareness, which included 3 events and 60 people in total. The public service paper “Makubekein” was edited and distributed twice by STINAPA staff, 5,500 copies were distributed.
Alternative and sustainable livelihoods no
Adaptative management no