Bonaire National Marine Park

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a - Legal and policy framework (attach in Annex a copy of original texts, and indicate, if possible, the IUCN status)

National status of your protected area:

Marine Ordinance A.B 1991 # 8 and associated by laws (active). Island Ordinance. National marine park.

IUCN status (please tick the appropriate column if you know the IUCN category of your PA):


b - Management structure, authority


c - Functional management body (with the authority and means to implement the framework)

Description of the management authority

The island government delegated management of the Bonaire National Marine Park to the NGO STINAPA Bonaire, by means of a management contract in 1991 (see Appendix 2- Contract Bonaire Gov-STINAPA 1991).

Means to implement the framework

The Marine Environment Ordinance was passed in 1991 but was revised (2001) to include provision for the protection of the island of Klein Bonaire as part of the Marine Park. It provides a general framework to protect the marine park and control activities within the park, to regulate fisheries and there is a special section concerned with the protection of Lac. The full translation of the Marine Environment Ordinance is presented in Appendix 12 The ordinance contains a number of EBHAMs (island resolution containing general provision). EBHAMs are used to leave the possibility open to further regulate activities which become problematic, to extend and increase user fees and to protect additional species and or areas. They are relatively easy to write and approval can be quite fast as they only need the approval of the Executive Council.

d - Objectives (clarify whether prioritized or of equal importance)

Objective Top priority Comment
Zoning No
Governing body(s) No
Administration Protection Natural resources management No
Tourism and visitation No
Education and training No
Research and monitoring No
Services and concessions Fund No
Raising activities Periodic No
Revisions of the MF No

e - Brief description of management plan (attach in Annex a copy of the plan)

The management plan was written to assist both staff and Board by providing a solid framework for reference, decision-making and planning. The management plan aims to ensure continuity of management effort and allow stakeholders and other interest groups to understand and participate in the planning process (as illustrated below).


The stages in Blue indicate the consultative parts of the process (2006 meetings, radio interviews, stakeholder questionnaires), Orange represents the formal development of the management plan and those in Purple to the right provide the necessary feedback for adaptive management. Background information collection and preparation for stakeholder consultations started in 2005. Field information and stakeholder positioning meetings were held in January 2006. Formal stakeholder input into the management plan was conducted during February 2006. The management plan was submitted to the Executive Council of the Island Government for their approval.

Management plan - date of publication

: 1/1/91

Management plan duration

: not specified

Date of Review planned

: not specified