Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve

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c - Biological features


Brief description of dominant and particular habitats (marine and terrestrial)*: List here the habitats and ecosystems that are representative and/or of importance for the WCR (i.e. mangroves, coral reefs, etc):

Ecosystem mapping divides the Atoll ecosystems into six major ecosystem categories, each with a number of subcategories. Fore Reef, Patch Reef, Other Reef, Shallow Lagoon Floor, Other Habitats, Caribbean Open Sea. These are further broken down as follows: Shallow lagoon floor – sparse seagrass, Shallow lagoon floor - medium density seagrass, Shallow lagoon floor - dense seagrass, Sand and sparse algae, Diffuse patch reef, Dense patch reef, Forereef – dense massive and encrusting corals, Forereef - sparse massive and encrusting corals, Low relief spur and groove, Deep reef/wall/escarpment, Reef Crest and Reef channels.

Terrestrial Habbitats: Mangrove, Rubble beach, Sandy beach, Caye littoral forest, Brackish pond and Palm.

Detail for each habitat/ecosystem the area it covers:

Marine / coastal ecosystem categories
Detail for each habitat / ecosystem the area covers
Size (estimate) Description and comments
unit Area covered
Terrestrial ecosystems
Size (estimate)
unit Area covered