Hol Chan Marine Reserve

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Describe the mechanisms and programmes that are in place in regard to each of the following management tools in the nominated site (fill only the fields that are relevant for your site)

Management tools Existing Mechanisms and programmes in place Comments (if any)
Public awareness, education, and information dissemination programmes yes School visits. Reef Week. School Visits: Presentations are given to all schools in San Pedro and Caye Caulker and are base on the protected area and the ecosystems. Reef Week: A week long of activities which include a trivia and skit competition amongst school; HCMR open house; essay and slogan competitions and educational trips for teacher to protected areas.
Capacity building of staff and management no
Research, data storage, and analysis no
Surveillance and enforcement yes The Police Department, The National Coast Guard, the Fisheries Department, the Department of the Environment and the Forest Department.
Participation of exterior users no
Alternative and sustainable livelihoods no
Adaptative management no