Hol Chan Marine Reserve

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(Guidelines and Criteria Section B / Cultural and Socio-Economic Criteria) Nominated Areas must conform, where applicable, to at least one of the three Cultural and Socio-Economic Criteria. If applicable, describe how the nominated site satisfies one or more of the following three Criteria (Attach in Annex any specific and relevant documents in support of these criteria).

Cultural and traditional use:

Fishing and tourism are the primary Socio-Economic activities in Ambergris Caye and Caye Cualker. These activities are dependent on the coastal and marine resources of the island. Most tourists that visit the area come to dive, snorkel or to engage in sport fishing.

Zone B of the marine reserve provides an area for fishermen to continue their traditional fishing practices. Fishermen who have used this areas before it was protected are allowed to continue commercial fishing for lobster and conch mainly but spear fishing and the use of net are prohibited.

Traditional commercial fishing is was part of the daily life and culture of the inhabitants of the northern islands in Belize. Some older fishermen still maintain their traditional was of fishing and are allowed to continue their fishing practices in Zone C of the marine reserve which is the general use zone.