Hol Chan Marine Reserve

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c - Biological features


Brief description of dominant and particular habitats (marine and terrestrial)*: List here the habitats and ecosystems that are representative and/or of importance for the WCR (i.e. mangroves, coral reefs, etc):

The Hol Chan Marine Reserve protects a small but representative portion of the Belize ecosystem, which include coral reef, seagrass beds and mangrove wetlands. The HCMR has been divided into four Zones in order to promote coastal protection and sustainable use of its natural resource The HCMR has 5 square Km of coral reef including the back reef, reef crest and deep forereef; over 23 square Km of sea grass beds and 18 square km of mangrove wetlands.

Detail for each habitat/ecosystem the area it covers:

Marine / coastal ecosystem categories
Detail for each habitat / ecosystem the area covers
Size (estimate) Description and comments
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Terrestrial ecosystems
Size (estimate)
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