Seaflower Marine Protected Area

Note: The data were entered in the language of the country of origin (English, French or Spanish) and there is no translation available yet.


d - Human population and current activities

Inhabitants inside the area or in the zone of potential direct impact on the protected area:

Inside the area In the zone of potential direct impact
Permanent Seasonal Permanent Seasonal
Inhabitants not given not given not given not given

Description of population, current human uses and development:

The main uses of the MPA are artisanal, subsistence, and industrial fishing and recreation
and tourism (diving, snorkeling, swimming, assorted water sports, marine tours, etc.).

Activities Current human uses Possible development Description / comments, if any
Tourism significant unknown Dive shops – 12 (30 employees) Boat and jet ski rentals – 8 Tour boats – 6 (45 employees) Launch cooperative – 1 Hotel watersports – 13 “Sun, sand, and sea tourism” Tourists – 350,000 annual average (+90% use MPA)
Fishing significant unknown Artisanal fishing cooperatives – 4 Fishing associations - 4 Registered artisanal – 700 (390 classified as active) Registered industrial - 80
Agriculture unknown unknown
Industry unknown unknown
Forestry unknown unknown
Others not specified not specified

e - Other relevant features