Saba National Marine Park

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Describe how the nominated site involves stakeholders and local communities in designation and management, and specify specific coordination measures or mechanisms currently in place

Stakeholders involvement Involvement Description of involvement Specific coordination measures Comments (if any)
Institutions yes SCF works closely with IMARES on various aspects of research in the Saba National Marine Park.
Public yes Regular public presentations and events. Press releases, TV programs and Radio shows. Staff are also very active with social media with 2024 Facebook friends for SCF.
Decision-makers yes Staff work with a host of decision makers. Mostly ad hoc meetings, more frequently with some than others. Tours are also given to ministers and other groups. Work with a variety of decision makers; Building and zoning department: Coastal Costruction Public works: Development Prosecutors office: Ordinance enforcement Harbour office: Harbour issues Coast Guard: Enforcement Tourism department (Govt): Input into tourism info Education department (Govt): Education development University: Marine work Schools: Input into school awareness programmes Police: Work on enforcement Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (Rijkswatersstaat): General MPA work
Economic-sectors yes Work with the main groups with an active economic interest in the marine park; Fisherfolk: MPA Management Dive Operators: Issues with the hyperbaric chamber, dive visitors. Tourism association: Overlapping issues. Construction Industry: General information exchange.
Local communities yes Work with fishermen and schools, local youth groups. Includes meetings, presentations, tours of the marine park.
Others yes Work with other NGOs and education organisations including; Religious groups Volunteer groups Univeristies and academic centres WIDECAST CaMPAM Coral List DCNA International Coastal Cleanup Broadreach (education, catermeran of students) Seamester