Saba National Marine Park

Note: The data were entered in the language of the country of origin (English, French or Spanish) and there is no translation available yet.


h - Information and knowledge

Information and knowledge available

As a well established Park there is a fair amount of information available to SCF concerning the marine park. Some of the resources are becoming out dated, others continue to be updated;

Each of the information types described below are available to staff and have been identified via the DCNA Management Success Project or by Kenchington, R. A. (1990) (Managing Marine Environments, Taylor and Francis, New York.) as important background information for the running of any PA;


Sufficient for the needs of Saba National Marine Park:

Geological maps: Held by local resident, Smith and Roobol  

Bathymetric charts: Saba Conservation Foundation, Electronic version, new map of Tent, new map of west side of the marine park.

Nautical chart: Saba Conservation Foundation, GPS 

Tide tables: Internet and GPS 

Hydrological survey: Saba Conservation Foundation - Ephemeral channels on map.

Topographical maps:   Saba Conservation Foundation

Traditional usage: Saba Conservation Foundation - ancient use of island by amer-indians. Collected traditional names of areas on Saba 2013.       

GIS: Maps produced 2009

Baseline habitat maps             

Socio-ecnonomic valuation: Total Economic Value of Nature on Saba

The local recreational and cultural value of nature on Saba

The Tourism Value of Nature on Saba

Mapping the Economic Value of Ecosystems on Saba

Insufficient for the needs of Saba National Marine Park: 

Aerial photographs: Google Earth      


Not available:

Maps of currents                    

Community descriptions                    

Species lists                

Status of commercially important species                   

Status of endangered, threatened and endemic species   (Attachment 22 has a global comment)                    

Digital Satellite Images                       

Land use plans                      


List of the main publications

Title Author Year Editor / review
All publications available on the Dutch Caribbean Biodiversity Database. Relevant documents included in Attachments. Various 2014

Briefly indicate in the chart if any regular monitoring is performed and for what groups/species

Species / group monitored
(give the scientific name)
Frequency of monitoring
(annual / biannual / etc...)
(In particular, you can describe here the monitoring methods that are used)
Fish Ongoing 30-40 interviews a month with fishermen regarding fish landings
Fish Ongoing 100 sites monitored for fish biodiversity in the SNMP.
Lobster larvae Ongoing Five sites monitored for the abundance of lobster larvae.
Marine Mammals Biannual AGOA marine mammal monitoring