Everglade National Park

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Describe how the nominated site involves stakeholders and local communities in designation and management, and specify specific coordination measures or mechanisms currently in place

Stakeholders involvement Involvement Description of involvement Specific coordination measures Comments (if any)
Institutions no
Public yes The General Management Plan currently being developed that will help drive park management for the next 20 years is advertised to the public via electronic (e.g., internet) and printed media (e.g., newspapers) and open scoping meetings are being held. Comments are welcomed by the public and the park responds to these comments. National Park Foundation, 1201 Eye Street, NW, Suite 550B, Washington, DC 20005 www.nationalparks.org Everglades Foundation, 18001 Old Cutler Road, Suite 625, Palmetto Bay, Florida 33157 info@evergladesfoundation.org
Decision-makers no
Economic-sectors no
Local communities no
Others no