Everglade National Park

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d - Human population and current activities

Inhabitants inside the area or in the zone of potential direct impact on the protected area:

Inside the area In the zone of potential direct impact
Permanent Seasonal Permanent Seasonal
Inhabitants not given not given 4500000 not given

Comments about the previous table:

Everglades National Park is surrounded by Miami-Dade (~ 2.50 million residents), Broward (~ 1.75 million residents), and Collier (~ 0.32 million residents) Counties. The demands of these 4.5 million residents exert a significant impact on the resources of Everglades National Park, presumably mostly on air quality and water quantity and quality.

Description of population, current human uses and development:

The park contains numerous Visitors Centers located at the Main Entrance, Royal Palm, Gulf Coast, Ernest Coe, Flamingo, and Shark Valley that thrive on disseminating information to the visitor (http://www.everglades.national-park.com/visit.htm#vc). The South Florida Natural Resources Center (Homestead) and Florida Bay Interagency Science Center (Key Largo) undertake the scientific research and monitoring of the park and assist natural resource managers in making sound decisions based on the best available scientific information.

Activities Current human uses Possible development Description / comments, if any
Tourism unknown unknown
Fishing unknown unknown
Agriculture unknown unknown
Industry unknown unknown
Forestry unknown unknown
Others unknown unknown

e - Other relevant features