Dry Tortugas National Park (DTNP)

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a - Legal and policy framework (attach in Annex a copy of original texts, and indicate, if possible, the IUCN status)

National status of your protected area:

National Park Service Organic Act of 1916 (16 USC 1 as amended and supplemented); Public Law 102-525, Title II; federal regulations at 36 CFR 1-7; National Park Service Management Policies.

IUCN status (please tick the appropriate column if you know the IUCN category of your PA):


b - Management structure, authority

DTNP is co-managed with Everglades National Park. The Superintendent of DTNP and Everglades NP reports to the National Park Service Regional Director, Southeast Region.

c - Functional management body (with the authority and means to implement the framework)

Description of the management authority

Unit of the National Park System with staff, equipment and facilities authorized to regulate and manage site under statutory and regulatory authorities above.

Means to implement the framework

See above.

d - Objectives (clarify whether prioritized or of equal importance)

Objective Top priority Comment
Conserve resources and values of the National Parks Yes National Park Service statutory mandate is to conserve resources and values of the National Parks, and provide for their enjoyment such as to leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations. When there is a conflict between conserving resources and providing for their enjoyment, conservation is to be predominant.

e - Brief description of management plan (attach in Annex a copy of the plan)

General Management Plan Amendment (GMPa) adopted in 2001 establishes desired conditions for natural and cultural resources and an appropriate range of visitor experiences. The GMPa guides decision-making and direction of park management for 10-15 years. Four management zones are established to achieve these goals (see subsection h. below).

Management plan - date of publication

: 1/1/01

Management plan duration

: 15

Date of Review planned

: not specified