Dry Tortugas National Park (DTNP)

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(Guidelines and Criteria Section B / Cultural and Socio-Economic Criteria) Nominated Areas must conform, where applicable, to at least one of the three Cultural and Socio-Economic Criteria. If applicable, describe how the nominated site satisfies one or more of the following three Criteria (Attach in Annex any specific and relevant documents in support of these criteria).


DTNP attracted 53,890 visitors and generated $3.147 million U.S. in economic benefits from visitor spending and nature-dependent tourism in 2010.

Cultural and traditional use:

Fishing is a valued tradition for Floridians and forms strong cultural connections to the waters and living resources of the Florida Keys. DTNP provides protection for regionally important species of fish and lobsters, which benefits fishing activities throughout the South Florida reef tract. DTNP also preserves maritime historical resources that provide an important historical context to present day life in the region.

Socio-economic benefits:

Setting aside the RNA marine reserve within DTNP as a place of refuge for juveniles and adults of exploited reef fish to live, grow, and reproduce with minimal human impacts benefits the future sustainability of economically and ecologically important fishery resources in Florida, particularly in light of the ever-increasing human population, environmental changes, and accompanying increases in recreational boaters and anglers using the Florida coastal marine ecosystem.