St Eustatius National Marine Park

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Contact addresses

Name Position Contact adress
who is submitting the proposal (national focal point) DEVRIES Yoeri Policy Officer Agriculture, Fisheries and Economic Affairs
who prepared the report (manager) Brown Irving Board President of National Parks Lower Town, St Eustatius, Caribbean Netherlands

Date when making the proposal

: 7/10/14

List of annexed documents

Name Description Category
Economic Valuation St Eustatius Marine Park Summary of surveys completed to establish cost of and revenue from the coral reefs of St Eustatius National Marine Park Cultural and socio-economic criterias View
Management Plan St Eustatius National Marine Park 5 year management plan for the MPA Management plan View
Benthic Seascape map for the St Eustatius Marine Park Map and report concerning the benthic habitat of the Statia Marine Park. Description of the variety and coverage. Physical features View
Evaluating effectiveness of the reserves in St Eustatius This study determined that habitat differences among the survey sites affected reef fish populations more than reserve status. However, the no-take reserves may still be important for protecting reef fish populations. Ecological criterias View
St. Eustatius marine environment ordinance Legal establishment of marine park with reserves, dive fees and species protection regulations Legal and policy framework View
St. Eustatius Island Resolution AB 1996/04 General Island Resolution of March 25th, 1996, regulating the conditions under which permits are issued to run a fill station, to transport persons and/or supervise divers in the Marine Park, the applicable conditions of anchoring and anchor fees and establishing the amount of the permit fees regarding the Marine Park. Legal and policy framework View
The Total Economic Value of Nature on St Eustatius Economic valuation of 8 different ecosystem services. The total economic value (TEV) is the sum of these ecosystem services provided by both the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of St Eustatius. It is calculated to be 25.2 million USD per year. Cultural and socio-economic criterias View
The Tourism Value of Nature on St Eustatius Valuation of the services provided by nature to tourists on St Eustatius. The value of the natural environment for the tourism industry of St Eustatius is estimated to be almost 3 million USD per annum Cultural and socio-economic criterias View
The local cultural and recreational value of nature on St Eustatius Evaluation of the local recreational and cultural services that ecosystems on St Eustatius provide to their residents and their value to the inhabitants Cultural and socio-economic criterias View
Mapping the Economic Value of Ecosystems on St Eustatius Spatial allocation of the economic value of ecosystems and comparison to current spatial policies. Existing boundaries for nature conservation appear to be in the right place. However, some small but very valuable areas are placed outside protective areas. Cultural and socio-economic criterias View
Statia National Marine Park 2011 Annual Report Annual report submitted to the board of STENAPA by the manager of the marine park Management plan View
A Management Capacity Assessment of Selected Coral Reef Marine Protected Areas in the Caribbean findings of an assessment of capacity building needs for the management of marine protected areas (MPAs) in the Caribbean region in 2011. A total of 27 MPA sites in 10 countries and territories were included in the assessment (incl. St. Eustatius National Marine Park). Management plan View
Population status and reproductive biology of queen conch (Lobatus gigas) in the coastal waters around St Eustatius Thesis. Queen conch was found to be abundant around St Eustatius, with mean densities of 57 (dive surveys) and 115 (video surveys) adults per ha. The total adult queen conch stock was estimated to be 184,100 in 2,700 ha Marine Park. Further, a higher conch abundance was found on rubble habitats and at greater depths (17-31 m). Ecological criterias View
The status of the Caribbean spiny lobster (Panulirus argus) and its fishery in the coastal waters of St Eustatius. Thesis. In 2012 a total estimated number of 4580 lobsters was landed from both pots and diving together with a total weight of 4546 kg, while in 2013 the total estimated number of lobsters landed is 2917, weighing 3292 kg in total. Mean carapace length was found to be significantly higher inside the no-take zones than in the adjacent fishing areas, indicating a possible effect of fishing activities. Ecological criterias View