Saba Bank National Park

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Describe the mechanisms and programmes that are in place in regard to each of the following management tools in the nominated site (fill only the fields that are relevant for your site)

Management tools Existing Mechanisms and programmes in place Comments (if any)
Public awareness, education, and information dissemination programmes yes Public presentations
Capacity building of staff and management yes training for specific survey techniques with IMARES scientists, DCNA training workshops, and partnership of Marine Mammal Sanctuaries
Research, data storage, and analysis yes IMARES researchers are commissioned by Ministry of EL&I for specific research projects identiified each year, and to receive, analyze, store and report on data from research and monitoring performed by SBMU staff and volunteers
Surveillance and enforcement yes SBMU staff will peform surveillance on the Saba Bank and will reprot infractions of regulations to Coast Guard and or Police
Participation of exterior users yes international research on the Saba Bank will be encouraged and facilitated
Alternative and sustainable livelihoods yes regulations that would impact fishermen incomes will be discussed and jointly compensatory measures will be explored
Adaptative management yes The management plan will be reviewed and adapted at least every year