Saba Bank National Park

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Describe how the nominated site involves stakeholders and local communities in designation and management, and specify specific coordination measures or mechanisms currently in place

Stakeholders involvement Involvement Description of involvement Specific coordination measures Comments (if any)
Institutions yes consultations with Institute of Marine Research and Ecosystem Services (IMARES)in the Netherlands regular updates of neighboring St. Eustatius island gov't planning of research and monitoring activities No institutions present on Saba
Public yes regular public presentations on activities and findings
Decision-makers yes Island Secretary and Ministry of EL&I are both part of the steering group of the Saba Bank Mgt Unit. EEZ Committee provides input for yearly work plan twice a year meeting of steering group to evaluate and plan activities twice a year report to EEZ Committee
Economic-sectors yes regular meetings with fishermen to exchange information and viewpoints of management of fisheries on Saba Bank as part of their co-management of the Saba Bank regular information provision to diveshops on the island to be developed with fishermen
Local communities yes Public equals local community
Others yes regular meetings for information exchange and planning of joint activities to be determined with each group NGO partners: Dutch Caribbean nature Alliance (DCNA) Harbor masters Saba and St. Eustatius Law enforcement: Coast Guard, Police, and Public Prosecutor's office Tourism Office