Saba Bank National Park

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Contact addresses

Name Position Contact adress
who is submitting the proposal (national focal point) DEVRIES Yoeri Policy Officer Agriculture, Fisheries and Economic Affairs
who prepared the report (manager) WULF Kai Parks Manager

Date when making the proposal

: 7/5/12

List of annexed documents

Name Description Category
SabaBank-fisheries-reportII-Methods.pdf Saba Bank Fisheries Resources Study, Report II: Methods to Assess the Saba Bank Commercial Fishery and Preliminary Results Others View
Map of Saba Bank nature park map of Saba Bank nature park boundaries and TW and EEZ borders Zoning map View
contractSCF-Sababankbeheer.pdf Overeenkomst tussen de Staat der Nederlanden en Saba Conservation Foundation voor de uitvoering van het project beheer Sababank Publications View
literatureSPAWlisting.pdf Literature - Saba Bank National Park Proposal for Listing under SPAW Others View
MgtPlan_EEZDutchCarib-w-overleaf.pdf Management plan for the natural resources of the EEZ of the Dutch Caribbean Management plan View
SabaBankMgtUnit_ToR-final.pdf SABA BANK MANAGEMENT UNIT - Terms of Reference Others View
sababankMPADecree.pdf Saba Bank MPA Decree Others View
SBMPfinaldraft_LR.pdf Saba Bank - Special Marine Area Management Plan 2008 - Shelley Lundvall Others View
MapBoundariesSB.pdf Saba Bank nature park boundaries Geographical map View